Founded in 2010 – Palomar is committed to producing the highest quality craft cannabis using responsible growing methods and innovative technology. For the safety and well being of our consumers, we omit any use of harmful pesticides or fungicides.


The next evolution for cannabis cultivation.  We've gone above and beyond to create the perfect environment for cultivating craft cannabis.

Our Clear-Top Indoor Facility is highly automated to enable a stable climate.  We also harness the year round natural sunlight in order to utilize all the benefits that come from a full light-spectrum, like higher terpene percentages and more diverse cannabinoids.


We take pride in our commitment to excellence on and off the job site.  Our facility helps to filter local air and water that's released back into the environment.  Since we use only natural ingredients we rely on predatory bugs like lady bugs and preying mantises to fight off natural pests.


Every single plant is monitored and cared for by hand throughout the entirety of its life-cycle by a team of highly experienced cultivators. Every cultivation team member is passionate about growing cannabis and helps guide our plants to their full potential of flavor, aroma and effect.


Palomar takes pride in using nothing but organic ingredients in our soil.  Our proprietary blend of essential nutrients, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus as well as helpful bacteria and other microbes, forms soil aggregates that create a balanced physical structure, optimized for healthy growth to keep plants strong from the roots up.


The majority of strains we grow are selected from seed, and since no two seeds are exactly the same, our strains are exclusive to Palomar.  Over the years we have developed a unique strain portfolio to contain a wide array of terpene profiles and unforgettable flavor.


Palomars great passion for flavor fuels our ever growing catalog of over a dozen different cannabis strains.  Each strain grows differently resulting in a truly individual combinations of smells of herbs, fruits and botanicals and effects for a layered, sensory experience.

Palomar works meticulously to cultivate the highest and most unique terpene profiles from each plant, curing their individuality.


The idyllic living conditions of Southern Californias long sunny days are incomparable to any synthetic lighting alternative.  Free and plentiful natural sunlight floods our clear-top indoor facility with full spectrum light promoting healthy leaf growth and flowering.