Earthshaker OG is an amazing strain to grow. Classic OG aromas that produces high potency nugs. When consumed it has a heavy pine flavor and a slight earthy finish with a deep body high that is perfect for relaxing.

Blueberry Bomb is an incredible indica that grows colorful, frosty nugs. The intense aroma and taste has blueberry jam and citrus flavors that when consumed will leave you with a relaxing clear headed body high.

Saturn OG starts small and stout, that finished strong with large colorful nugs. The flavor leans more to the kush side, with a mix of earthy and piney flavors. It is by far the longest lasting strain that we grow with a mellow body high that lasts for hours.

Wedding Crasher grows in a stunning purple and black fade with extremely frosty white resin glands. It has an crisp floral nose with artisan soap and sour candy smell. Our Wedding Crasher has a deep body high with a coasting mellow effect when consumed.

Banana Punch smells of classic fruit punch and tiki bar cocktails with undertones of over ripe banana peel. It tastes of sweet distilled spirits and has a light calming effect.

Brandywine smells of oatmeal raisin cookies, fresh baked bread, and a crisp, sweet wine. It offers one of the most enjoyable anti-anxiety, and calming effects when consumed.

Golden Strawberry is sweet overripe strawberries and fresh whipped cream, strawberry milkshake with subtle notes of earth and pine that come forward after the grind. High THC content, forehead pressure and heavy effect.

When Bright Fire is consumed it has a heavy pine flavor and a slight earthy finish with deep body high is perfect for relaxing.

Clementine smells just as the name suggests, fresh squeezed clementines and orange peel. Tart and sweet citrus flavor with an uplifting effect.

Electric Lemonade is the house favorite to grow and consume. From start to finish, electric lemonade has an amazing aroma and presence in our rooms. When consumed you’ll feel energetic and creative, leaving you ready to enjoy life with real, sour lemonade flavors.

Banana Cream Pie is similar aroma to Banana Punch but is accompanied by smells of banana cream pudding and a toasted crust, with a lingering aroma of a classic OG, that provides a heavier pain relieving and sedative effect than its counterpart.

Lemon Hashplant has a pleasing sweet lemon aroma with notes of fresh peeled citrus and simple syrup. These candied lemon flavors carry over in the exhale for balanced and enjoyable relaxation.

Apple Pie has a sweet smell of baked green apples, and floral aromas with subtle notes of spiced cider in the exhale. A good source of creative energy without the jitters.

Harlequin is the pinnacle medical strain with very HIGH CBD content. A pleasure to grow, when consumed it has a sweet finish with amazing anti-inflammation and pain relief qualities.

Professor Chaos is a classic Sativa in every way with large leaves and long colas, it’s hands down the strongest sativa we grow. Consistently high in THC and Terpene content. This strain has hints of pineapples that will keep you clear headed and energized.

Champagne Wedding is a different genetic expression of our Wedding Crasher that grows more like a classic OG. Has a tingly effervescent style aroma with notes of citrus and sour candy. Has an uplifting body high that is long lasting.